Patrizia Poli was founded in 1962 in Covenantal art in Asti, where he now lives and takes care of her jewelry and creates paintings, which over the years have been the subject of press attention of critics and the public inGalleries and museums and castles and palaces to national and international prominence: Dubai, Monte Carlo, Paris, New York, London, Koping, Bratislava, Innsbruck, Venice, Turin, Sabaudia (Lt).In recent years the spotlight by the art historian and critic Francesca Mezzatesta that besides being his Art Promoter and as his Advisor was dealing with review of his work, in magazine of art and culture in Italy and abroad. The historian Frances with the enturage a staff of graphic, photographic, editor and publisher of videomaker "Carnet de Voyage" has edited in Palermo's European capital of culture 2018 contest, where Stephen Parsons was the guest of honour with his works in three main sites of Unesco of Sicily: Palermo, Cefalù and Monreale and in such prestigious manor houses in the castle of Caccamo or monumental complexes like the Octagon Santa Caterina di Cefalù and the monumental complex of Wilhelm II (Civic art gallery Modern "g. Saeed") or institutional sites such as Officers of Palermo and Cefalu Army Training of Logistics Base where she obtained a valuable recognition for the work donated to theme. His journey of art in Sicily, along with "Carnet de Voyage" of the historian Francesca Mezzatesta, aroused interest both in the local press and the mythological remembrance and spirituality. of his hometown, focusing on issues from her beloved and by granting a social reading compared to contemporary women and respect by showing a primordial beauty. Through iconic motifs of harmony and beauty related to nature and the shine of gold jewelry that sublimate what symbols of elegance, grace and deity sometimes embodied through the flowers. Honorary Fellow of feminine sensibility that transference is his art now international, leading his pictorial languages rich in colors and talkative, transport us in the dream and in the purity of distilled light, between the charms of women contemporary and "Venus" whose soul emerges from his canvases. So you open by 2018 the leitmotif of Patrizia Poli Art: "Animus et Venus".